Perry Dampf

Kate [Katherine Loos] was great. She really worked to get this difficult case settled. Could not have done it without her.
Great job!

Rick [Kingrea], I thought you did a fine job as mediator in this case and have to tell you I was surprised that it settled.

Our clients were very impressed by Mr. [Mike] Helm
and so were we!

I am so thoroughly impressed with your skills as a mediator.  Most other mediators would not have been able to bring these parties together.  I have seen many done, and you [David Clement] have a true gift.

You [Myron “Mike” Walker, Jr.] are in a league of your own. I have never seen a mediation like that. You got my client to trust you and that is an incredible feat!!!

I would like to thank you [John W. Perry, Jr.] for your efforts in mediating a fair settlement … because you had their best interest in mind when you mediated and they were impressed that you continued to work toward a settlement
after the meeting…

Your group always does a good job… Keep up the good work.

Mike [Ponder] did a great job on a difficult case…

You [Thomas Juneau, Sr.] are a natural born mediator. ...your persistence and patience paid off. We would not have settled the case without your help.

Bubby [Robert Burns, Jr.] was great! Made my job very easy! Looking forward to using him again.

Robert Dampf is unrivaled. Got phenomenal number…

You know I am a big fan of your firm and always suggest you [Rick Kingrea] as the mediator.

Tough case. Scott [Love] worked hard with follow up sessions.
A nice job.

Thank you [Myron Walker] very much for helping resolve the issues in my lawsuit. I am very glad to get this matter behind me and please know that your assistance was instrumental.

I have used Scott Love for years. ...excellent mediator who has a great knack for getting a deal done.

Keep up the good work [A.J. Krouse].

Mike Helm stays on the job if a case does not settle on the first day and is adept in getting matters concluded even when mediation breaks down.
I recommend this gentleman to other counsel.

[Thomas Juneau, Sr.] Your personality is perfect for this line of work. You have an ability to bring people together, and your positive demeanor is infectious.

[Robert Burns, Jr.] That was a difficult and emotional case. I thought you did a really good job of not getting upset with my clients. You kept us focused and got the job done.