Perry Dampf


Perry Dampf is the "go-to" group when considering a mediator to handle your hurricane claim.  Our mediators have extensive experience assisting with hurricane claims for structural/dwelling damage and property damage, as well as knowledge of construction law and insurance policy provisions.

Hurricanes Laura and Delta

Mediators for U.S.D.C. cases from Special Master, Patrick Juneau:

Bushnell, Charlotte

Cole, Jeffrey M.

David, Jr., Robert J.

Juneau, Sr., Thomas R.

Scott, Keely Y.

Solari, Thomas


Mediators for 14th JDC cases from Special Master, Cade Cole:

Fontenot, H. Ward

Haik, Richard "Dicky"

Hymel, Richard J.

Landry, Margaret "Peggy"

Loos, Katherine M.

Perry III, John "Jonathon"

Sole, Emmett C.

Theunissen, Randall K.

Hurricane Ida

Mediators participating in Commissioner Donelon's Voluntary Mediation Program:

Chastain, James "Sonny"

Clement, David C.

Hawthorne, G. Trippe

Helm, William C.

Krouse, A.J.

Landry, Margaret "Peggy"

Loos, Katherine M.

Lund III, Daniel

McMahon, Michael W.

Moroux, Kent

Olinde, Marvin H.

Organ, Coleman

Perry III, John "Jonathon"

Ponder, Michael E.

Pulaski, Michael T.

Richardson, Keith L.

Scott, Keely Y.

Wilson, Corey K.

In order to begin the process of booking a mediation, Claims Insurance Representatives may use the Scheduling Form link or email claim information for multiple cases to Hurricane Claims Specialist, Mitchell Fillinger, at

Click here for a copy of Bulletin 2021-08 issued by the Louisiana Department of Insurance Commissioner, James J. Donelon.


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